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Kestor Lane

V.J. Celebration Party

Kestor Lane, V.J. Celebration Party
Fred Singleton
Mrs Dowthwaite
Vena Parkinson
Irene Derbyshire
Louis Proctor
Donald Bailey
Vera Chew
Mrs Singleton
John Nicholson
Doreen Chew
Vera Thornber
Peter Lyon
Jim Parkinson
Tom Proctor
Mrs Parkinson
Tom Fazackerley
Tim Proctor
Bill Dowthwaite
Mary Proctor
Bill Proctor
Alan Pinder
May Dowthwaite
Marlene Duxbury
Hilda Singleton
Christine Pinder
Ian Grimshaw
Kathleen Chew
Greta Chew
Jean Fazackerley
Brian Yuelett
Ray Fazackerley
Alice Fazackerley

People in this photograph (from left): Fred Singleton , Mrs Dowthwaite, Vena Parkinson, Irene Derbyshire, Louis Proctor , Donald Bailey , Vera Chew, Mrs Singleton , John Nicholson , Doreen Chew, Vera Thornber, Peter Lyon , Jim Parkinson , Tom Proctor , Mrs Parkinson , Tom Fazackerley, Tim Proctor, Bill Dowthwaite , Mary Proctor, Bill Proctor , Alan Pinder, May Dowthwaite, Marlene Duxbury, Hilda Singleton, Christine Pinder, Ian Grimshaw, Kathleen Chew, Greta Chew, Jean Fazackerley, Brian Yuelett, Ray Fazackerley, Alice Fazackerley .

Photograph Taken: 15th August 1945
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 310
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This archive entry is © Longridge and District Local History Society.

This archive entry is courtesy of Mrs. Nora Pinder.

Photo taken in the garden of 'LYNWOOD'- 38 Kestor Lane. The photograph shows a group on August 15th 1945 celebrating Japan's surrender in WWII.

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