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The Old Cow Rib Farm

Half Penny Lane

The Old Cow Rib Farm, Half Penny Lane

Photograph Taken: 22nd December 1924
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 136C
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This archive entry is © Robert Marsden.

This archive entry is courtesy of Longridge and District Local History Society.

It was thought to have been a regular 'stop over' site, for which the fee of ½ d. was charged.

The farm was originally known as Moor Farm when it was built by Adam Hoghton in 1616. However it was later associated with the legend of the 'Old Dun Cow', hence its change in name.  


The legend of the Old Dun Cow:

There was once a cow that wandered around the countryside giving milk to all in need. It would fill anyone`s  bucket  but one day a witch came and milked the cow using a sieve and as the poor cow could not fill the sieve  it gave milk until it died of a broken heart.  The cow`s rib can be seen over the door of the Th`owd Rib House on Half Penny Lane. There used to be another rib saved in Grimsargh from the same cow.

The following caption is taken from a letter written by Robert Marsden whom loaned the postcards...  

"I think that this is a most lovely setting for one of the oldest farms in the district- A.D 1616- Crumpax Farm was built before the turn of the Century... It was owned, along with the next farm, "The Ashes", by Mr James Whittle, whose father Mr George Whittle built Stone Bridge Mill, Longridge., now out of the textile trade....

The door is a very fine piece of studded oak ad the heavy oaken bar behind the door stretched from wall to wall... for many years there was no tap water, rainwater was used for washing, but drinking water had to be collected from Mr Whittles next farm, in a milk kit..." 

Robert Marsden,

Retired Railway Clerk 

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