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Halfpenny Lane

Th'Owd Dun Cow Rib Farm

Halfpenny Lane, Th'Owd Dun Cow Rib Farm

Photograph Taken: Unknown
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 137A
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'Old Dun Cow Rib' built by Adam Hoghton in 1616 and named; 'Moor Farm', known locally as, 'T'howd Rib'.


The legend of the Old Dun Cow:

There was once a cow that wandered around the countryside giving milk to all in need. It would fill anyone`s  bucket  but one day a witch came and milked the cow using a sieve and as the poor cow could not fill the sieve  it gave milk until it died of a broken heart.  The cow`s rib can be seen over the door of the Th`owd Rib House on Half Penny Lane. There used to be another rib saved in Grimsargh from the same cow.

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