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Berry Lane

C of E School

Berry Lane, C of E School
Ian Parkinson
Robert Fleet
Margaret Ireland
Robert Wilkinson
Joan Eckton
Evelyn Smith
Roger Stead
Kathleen Brown
Doris Askew
Harry Tomlinson
Denis Porter
Kathleen Hodson
Edith Lund
Frank Lodge
Ruth Atkinson
Margaret Dickinson
Robert Edleston
Edward Forshaw
Gertrude Wiper
Jean Priest
John Wallbank
Winnie Glaister
Betty Tomlinson
Alan Metcalfe
Raymond Fazackerly
Margaret Bolton
Tony Lewis
Mr Lund

People in this photograph (from left): Ian Parkinson, Robert Fleet, Margaret Ireland, Robert Wilkinson, Joan Eckton, Evelyn Smith, Roger Stead, Kathleen Brown, Doris Askew, Harry Tomlinson, Denis Porter, Kathleen Hodson, Edith Lund, Frank Lodge, Ruth Atkinson, Margaret Dickinson, Robert Edleston, Edward Forshaw, Gertrude Wiper, Jean Priest, John Wallbank, Winnie Glaister, Betty Tomlinson, Alan Metcalfe, Raymond Fazackerly, Margaret Bolton, Tony Lewis, Mr Lund.

Photograph Taken: 1952
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 531B
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