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Longridge Band at Stone Bridge

Victory Parade

Longridge Band at Stone Bridge, Victory Parade

Photograph Taken: June 1946
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 416
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"It is of Longridge Band at a victory parade in June 1946, and I am indebted to Bob Booth, a former band leader, for providing me with the following information.

Mr Booth tells me that in those days the band was known as Longridge Prize Band.

Mrs Booth goes on to tell me that the shop shown is Bolton's chippy. The owner's daughter, Betty, became a Brewer by marriage, and had a son, Alan, who joined the band much later and then furthered his musical career by joining the championship Freckleton Band.  He also took a degree in music.

The other shop shown was Grahams, the newsagents, whose owners were parents of the trombonist G Graham.

Tom Wilson, who is featured in the line-up had a son Albert, who was in the band for many years.

His grandson, Robert, also joined the band and became an accomplished horn player and went on to play in several championship bands.

Mr Booth adds: "The uniforms worn at this time were of pre-war vintage complete with moth holes." He says, "Of the band members that reformed the band on cessation of hostilities, I think only five of us are left; "R Holt, A Gordon, D Holt, and F Slater. I stayed with the band for 40 years." 


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