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Robert Smiths Boys School


Robert Smiths Boys School, Longridge
Robert Eckton
Miss Gladys Hoban
Clifford Preston
Tom Willacy
Terence Pattinson
Edward Procter
Arthur Cornall
Tom Slater
George Bristo
Albert Hodson
Maurice Howard
Bert Timbrell
Jim Wallbank
Richard Keighley
John Ward
Albert Shackley
Welington Slater
Fred Coulthurst
John Cornthwaite
Jim Marsden
Jack Robinson
Stan Burton
Tom Bromillow
Norman Cocks
Cliff Hewitson
Frank Salthouse
Tommy Jones
Frank Povey
John Wilkinson
Tommy Porter
Tom Parkinson

People in this photograph (from left): Robert Eckton, Miss Gladys Hoban, Clifford Preston, Tom Willacy, Terence Pattinson, Edward Procter, Arthur Cornall, Tom Slater, George Bristo, Albert Hodson, Maurice Howard, Bert Timbrell, Jim Wallbank, Richard Keighley, John Ward, Albert Shackley, Welington Slater, Fred Coulthurst, John Cornthwaite, Jim Marsden, Jack Robinson, Stan Burton, Tom Bromillow, Norman Cocks, Cliff Hewitson, Frank Salthouse, Tommy Jones, Frank Povey, John Wilkinson, Tommy Porter, Tom Parkinson.

Photograph Taken: 1927
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 444, 10GW30K
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This archive entry is courtesy of Terry Pattinson, Glenda Wallbank.

Pupils of R. Smiths Boys School with their teacher Gladys Hoban. R. Smiths Boys School became Berry Lane Primary School.

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