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Street Parties To Celebrate The End Of Ww2

Street Parties To Celebrate The End Of Ww2
Flora McDonald
Roger Stead
Dorothy Fordham
Hettie Fordham
Mrs Sheliker
Linda Sheliker
Gertrude Wiper
Anne Wiper
Jane Houghton
Barbara Hollinghurst
Pat Houghton
Margaret Sampson
Glenda Parkinson
Carol Fordham
Mrs Sampson
Mrs Lord
Mr Lord
Mrs Draper
Mrs Bristow
Mrs Sanderson
Mrs Grimshaw

People in this photograph (from left): Flora McDonald, Roger Stead, Dorothy Fordham, Hettie Fordham, Mrs Sheliker, Linda Sheliker, Gertrude Wiper, Anne Wiper, Jane Houghton, Barbara Hollinghurst, Pat Houghton, Margaret Sampson, Glenda Parkinson, Carol Fordham, Mrs Sampson, Mrs Lord, Mr Lord, Mrs Draper, Mrs Bristow, Mrs Sanderson, Mrs Grimshaw.

Photograph Taken: 1945
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 478B
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This archive entry is © Longridge and District Local History Society.

This archive entry is courtesy of Norman Hollinghurst.

The photograph is at the rear of Hillcrest Avenue, looking towards Fell Brow. The building in the background with the archway was formally the Masons Arms and is now the site of Alston View Nursing Home. 

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