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Congregational Church Tennis Club VE Day Celebrations

Congregational Church Tennis Club VE Day Celebrations
George Bristow
Tom Cowell
Bill Parkinson
Miss Reid
Mrs Batchelor
Mrs Timbrell (with baby)
Mr Rhodes
Mrs Duckworth
Mrs Eddlestone
Alex Hall
Mrs Sharples
Ronnie Bland
Mrs Riley
Mrs Robinson
Peter Hall
Miss Hesmondalgh
Mrs Salisbury
? Cornall
Mrs Rhodes
Brian Cowell
Mr Riley
Isobel Eddleston
Mrs Gornall
Mrs Cowell
Mr Sharples
Joyce Cowell
Miss Batchelor
Dilys Cowell
Mrs Keighley
Mrs Parkinson
Mrs Parkinson
Mr Dobson
Norman Cornall
Mrs Bland
Mrs Seed
George Gornall
Mrs Hall
Mr Timbrell
Mrs Dobson
Mrs Byers
Mrs Bristo
Mr Byers
Mrs Cowell with baby Enid
Miss Rhodes
Lois Cowell (standing)
Mr Swann

People in this photograph (from left): George Bristow, Tom Cowell, Bill Parkinson, Miss Reid, Mrs Batchelor, Mrs Timbrell (with baby), Mr Rhodes, Mrs Duckworth, Mrs Eddlestone, Alex Hall , ? , Mrs Sharples, Ronnie Bland, Mrs Riley, Mrs Robinson, Peter Hall, Miss Hesmondalgh, Mrs Salisbury, ? Cornall, ?, Mrs Rhodes, Brian Cowell, Mr Riley, Isobel Eddleston, Mrs Gornall, Mrs Cowell, Mr Sharples, Joyce Cowell, Miss Batchelor, Dilys Cowell, Mrs Keighley, Mrs Parkinson, Mrs Parkinson, Mr Dobson, Norman Cornall, Mrs Bland, Mrs Seed, George Gornall, Mrs Hall, Mr Timbrell, Mrs Dobson, Mrs Byers, Mrs Bristo, Mr Byers, Mrs Cowell with baby Enid, Miss Rhodes, Lois Cowell (standing), Mr Swann.

Photograph Taken: 1945
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 503
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Longridge, Congregational Church Tennis Club VE day celebrations.  Most of the people were residents of Lee Street.

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