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Longridge High School

Longridge High School
Joyce Margerison
Janet Seed
Marlene Seed
Evelyn Harrison
Judith Johnson
Jean Eccles
Susan Higgins
Primrose Woods
Joyce Bennett
Kathleen Knott
Eileen Bretherton
Dorothy Bretherton
Sheila Bretherton
Gay Winchester
Pam Margerison
Joan Malley
Valerie Tyson

People in this photograph (from left): Joyce Margerison, Janet Seed, Marlene Seed, Evelyn Harrison, Judith Johnson, Jean Eccles, Susan Higgins, Primrose Woods, Joyce Bennett, Kathleen Knott, Eileen Bretherton, Dorothy Bretherton, Sheila Bretherton, Gay Winchester, Pam Margerison, Joan Malley, Valerie Tyson.

Photograph Taken: Unknown
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 517A
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A fashion parade at Longridge High School - Clothes they made themselves in the needlework class

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