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Miscellaneous Group Photograph

Longridge A.R.P. Services

Miscellaneous Group Photograph, Longridge A.R.P. Services
John Fordham Hunter
? Ratcliffe (Prestwichs)
Tom Watson (Clogger)
? Keighley (Victoria Street)
Herbert Pinder (Council Foreman)
? Swan (Lee St)
? Keighley
Jim Marshall (Surveyor L.O.D.C.)
Ike Dobson
Tom Nelson
Jim Procter
Tom Clegg
Noborn Craven (Gleadale)
Tom Grant
Tom? Thornber
? Shuttleworth
Frank Duxbury
? Parker (Dennis & Alan Jim's older brother)
John Slater
Harry Ainslie
Harry Thornber
Fred Brown
Tom Slater
? Slater

People in this photograph (from left): John Fordham Hunter, ? Ratcliffe (Prestwichs), Tom Watson (Clogger), ? Keighley (Victoria Street), Herbert Pinder (Council Foreman), ? Swan (Lee St), ? Keighley, Jim Marshall (Surveyor L.O.D.C.), Ike Dobson, Tom Nelson, Jim Procter, Tom Clegg, Noborn Craven (Gleadale), Tom Grant, Tom? Thornber, A.G.Nicholson, ? Shuttleworth, Frank Duxbury, ? Parker (Dennis & Alan Jim\'s older brother), John Slater, Harry Ainslie, Harry Thornber, Fred Brown, Tom Slater, ? Slater.

Photograph Taken: 1941
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 585
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LONGRIDGE A.R.P. (Air Raid Precautions) Services

(Photographed in Towneley Road, 1st July 1941)

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