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Longridge C of E Junior School

Longridge C of E Junior School
Clive Carfoot
Isabelle Eddlestone
Winifred Glaister
Gertrude Wiper
Michael Farrington
Robert Eddlestone
Cicely Jones
Robert Wilkinson
Elizabeth Mercer
John Fletcher
Frank Lodge
Irene Slater
Ena Walker
Christine Slater
Roger Stead
Winder Brown
Margaret Dicken
Ruth Atkinson
Robert Roper
Ian Grimshaw
Doreen Marsden

People in this photograph (from left): Clive Carfoot, Isabelle Eddlestone, Winifred Glaister, Gertrude Wiper, Michael Farrington, Robert Eddlestone, Cicely Jones, Robert Wilkinson, Elizabeth Mercer, John Fletcher, Frank Lodge, Irene Slater, Ena Walker, Christine Slater, Roger Stead, Winder Brown, Margaret Dicken, Ruth Atkinson, Robert Roper, Ian Grimshaw, Doreen Marsden.

Photograph Taken: Circa 1950
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 10RH15B
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This archive entry is courtesy of Ruth Hall.

Class of children in the schoolroom. If you know who any of the group are then please contact us and we can add their names.

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