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Berry Lane Junior School 1954

Berry Lane Junior School 1954
Jean Swanson
George Bennett
Jean Forshaw
Norman Kenyon
Harry Grayston
Francis McGregor
Jean Addison
John Jackson
June Parkinson
Brenda Harwood
David Slater
Carrol Fordham
Alan Keighley
David Veevers
Ann Lodge
Jean Kenyon
Brian Woodward
Betty Ellinson
Brian Derbyshire
Irene Stocker
Jim Kenyon
June Tomlinson
Sydney Buxton
Kathleen Procter
Valerie Firth
Alan Parkinson
Ian Taylor
Carole O'Neil
Barbara Glaister
Mr Swift

People in this photograph (from left): Jean Swanson, George Bennett, Jean Forshaw, Norman Kenyon, Harry Grayston, Francis McGregor, Jean Addison, John Jackson, June Parkinson, Brenda Harwood, David Slater, Carrol Fordham, Alan Keighley, David Veevers, Ann Lodge, Jean Kenyon, Brian Woodward, Betty Ellinson, Brian Derbyshire, Irene Stocker, Jim Kenyon, June Tomlinson, Sydney Buxton, Kathleen Procter, Valerie Firth, Alan Parkinson, Ian Taylor, Carole O\'Neil, Barbara Glaister, Mr Swift.

Photograph Taken: 1954
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 10JJ50C
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This archive entry is courtesy of John Jackson.

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