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Longridge St Wilfrid's School

Longridge St Wilfrid's School
Marie Gornall
Ray Walker
Agnes Bolton
Alice Ashton
Bill Almond
Monica Dewhurst
Joe Trainor
Mary Dewhurst
Bernard Thornton
Barbara Hollinghurst
Greta Lawler
Tom Bolton
Connie Jones
Connie Forrest
Jack Wilkinson
Tom Seed
Winnie Boland
Margaret Wilkinson
Wilf Boland
Stella Finch
Wilf Wilkinson
Harry Ainscough
Dorothy Cunliffe
Ray Watson
Vincent Boland
Doreen Cross

People in this photograph (from left): Marie Gornall, Ray Walker, Agnes Bolton, Alice Ashton, Bill Almond, Monica Dewhurst, Joe Trainor, Mary Dewhurst, Bernard Thornton, Barbara Hollinghurst, Greta Lawler, Tom Bolton, Connie Jones, Connie Forrest, Jack Wilkinson, Tom Seed, Winnie Boland, Margaret Wilkinson, Wilf Boland, Stella Finch, Wilf Wilkinson, Harry Ainscough, Dorothy Cunliffe, Ray Watson, Vincent Boland, Doreen Cross.

Photograph Taken: c1935
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 10RW35N
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