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Berry Lane C of E Primary School - 1954

Berry Lane C of E Primary School - 1954
Jim Riding
David Seed
Elaine Ainsworth
Norman Parker
Freda Lund
Colin Cookson
Joyce Page
Harry Clap
Eileen Wilson
Neil Thistleton
Carol Eddlestone
Doreen Riding
Tommy McGregor
Neil Towers
Valerie Wilson
Wendy Wharmby
David Hesketh
Jean Walmsley
Tony Gillet
Margaret Hough
Gordon Lawson
Barbara Sanderson
Audrey Houghton
Derek Ireland
Andrew Waring
Adrienne Pye
Nellie Dewhurst
David Slater
Geoffrey Jackson
Eileen Wallbank
Linda Marsden
Sydney Proctor
Margaret Heaton
Denis Thornber
Margaret Allibone
Louis Buxton
Ann Holden
Valerie Eddleston
Michael Pattinson
Robin Ellison
Linda Walker
Barbara Singleton
Peter Illingworth
David Hesmondhalgh
Glennis Duxbury
Sandra Brodie
Melvin Croasdale
Fred Smith
John Ormond

People in this photograph (from left): Jim Riding, David Seed, Elaine Ainsworth, Norman Parker, Freda Lund, Colin Cookson, Joyce Page, Harry Clap, Eileen Wilson, Neil Thistleton, Carol Eddlestone, Doreen Riding, Tommy McGregor, Neil Towers, Valerie Wilson, Wendy Wharmby, David Hesketh, Jean Walmsley, Tony Gillet, Margaret Hough, Gordon Lawson, Barbara Sanderson, Audrey Houghton, Derek Ireland, Andrew Waring, Adrienne Pye, Nellie Dewhurst, David Slater, Geoffrey Jackson, Eileen Wallbank, Linda Marsden, Sydney Proctor, Margaret Heaton, Denis Thornber, Margaret Allibone, Louis Buxton, Ann Holden, Valerie Eddleston, Michael Pattinson, Robin Ellison, Linda Walker, Barbara Singleton, Peter Illingworth, David Hesmondhalgh, Glennis Duxbury, Sandra Brodie, Melvin Croasdale, Fred Smith, John Ormond.

Photograph Taken: 1954
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 10DS62B
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