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Berry Lane C of E Primary School - 1953

Berry Lane C of E Primary School - 1953
Tony Jackson
Irene Lomas
Ann Redmayne
Brent Parker
Ena Eccles
Michael Pattinson
Barbara Singleton
David Slater
Barbara Smith
Gordon Lawson
Melvin Croasdale
Margaret Allibone
Margaret Forshaw
Tony Lewis
Jennifer Stead
Jimmy Fleet
Eleanor Staveley
Peter Wragg
Audrey Houghton
Sheila Gardner
Harry Clap
Susan Smith
Geoffrey Jackson
Valerie Eddleston
Anne Bailey
David Illingworth
Billy Hardwick
Jean Hoyle
Wendy Wharmby
Sydney Proctor
Jean Look
Nellie Dewhurst
Billy Wilkinson
Victor Rooking
Jean Sharp
Barbara Sanderson
Denis Moore
Neil Thistleton
Marian Dent
Anne Lindsay
Doreen Riding
Brian Singleton
Lily Wolstenholme
Alan Riding

People in this photograph (from left): Tony Jackson, Irene Lomas, Ann Redmayne, Brent Parker, Ena Eccles, Michael Pattinson, Barbara Singleton, David Slater, Barbara Smith, Gordon Lawson, Melvin Croasdale, Margaret Allibone, Margaret Forshaw, Tony Lewis, Jennifer Stead, Jimmy Fleet, Eleanor Staveley, Peter Wragg, Audrey Houghton, Sheila Gardner, Harry Clap, Susan Smith, Geoffrey Jackson, Valerie Eddleston, Anne Bailey, David Illingworth, Billy Hardwick, Jean Hoyle, Wendy Wharmby, Sydney Proctor, Jean Look, Nellie Dewhurst, Billy Wilkinson, Victor Rooking, Jean Sharp, Barbara Sanderson, Denis Moore, Neil Thistleton, Marian Dent, Anne Lindsay, Doreen Riding, Brian Singleton, Lily Wolstenholme, Alan Riding.

Photograph Taken: 1953
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 10DS56C
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