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Victory Party

8th September 1945

Victory Party, 8th September 1945
Francis Masterson
Margaret Howarth
Mrs Wilkinson
Irene Marwood
Joan Ratcliffe
Nora Wilkinson
Sidney Parkinson
Elsie Tyrrell
David Carefoot
Tom Howarth
Martha Parkinson
Mrs Parkinson
Jim Tyrrell
Betty Parkinson
Mrs Tyrrell
Mrs Askew
Jean Lund
? Parkinson
Ruth Stead
Doris Askew
Valerie Rooking
Muriel Seed
Beth Martin
Victor Rooking
David Seed
Gordon Marwood
Mollie Ratcliffe
Hilda Ormand
Barbara Charnley
Jack Woodruff
Mrs Woodruff
John Ormand
Linda Woodruff
Edith Askew
Mrs Sharples
Alan Ormand
Mrs Marwood
Mrs Lund
Barbara Howarth
Mrs Charnley
Mabel Artcliffe
Mrs Yates
Sheila Yates
? Yates

People in this photograph (from left): Francis Masterson, Margaret Howarth, Mrs Wilkinson, Irene Marwood, Joan Ratcliffe, Nora Wilkinson, Sidney Parkinson, Elsie Tyrrell, David Carefoot, Tom Howarth, Martha Parkinson, Mrs Parkinson, Jim Tyrrell, Betty Parkinson, Mrs Tyrrell, Mrs Askew, Jean Lund, ? Parkinson, Ruth Stead, Doris Askew, Valerie Rooking, Muriel Seed, Beth Martin, Victor Rooking, David Seed, Gordon Marwood, Mollie Ratcliffe, Hilda Ormand, Barbara Charnley, Jack Woodruff, Mrs Woodruff, John Ormand, Linda Woodruff, Edith Askew, Mrs Sharples, Alan Ormand, Mrs Marwood, Mrs Lund, Barbara Howarth, Mrs Charnley, Mabel Artcliffe, Mrs Yates, Sheila Yates, ? Yates.

Photograph Taken: 1945
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 10MH53E
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The party was held in Mr Thornber's garden, facing houses on Isabella Street.

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