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Berry Lane Senior School

Berry Lane Senior School
Mrs Cliff
Helen Pye
Howard Wilson
Christine Stevens
John Marsden
Mabel McGregor
Robert Dent
Joan Rodgers
Francis Buxton
Ian Wragg
Richard Sharples
Barbara Simpson
Harry Coar
John Forshaw
June McGahey
Kieth Woodward
Jack Stead
Sylvia Rainford
Edward Redmaine
Joan Petherbridge
Gordon Hayhurst
Marie Swanson
John Lund (Head Teacher)
Alan Proctor
Brenda Pye

People in this photograph (from left): Mrs Cliff, Helen Pye, Howard Wilson, Christine Stevens, John Marsden, Mabel McGregor, Robert Dent, Joan Rodgers, Francis Buxton, Ian Wragg, Richard Sharples, Barbara Simpson, Harry Coar, John Forshaw, June McGahey, Kieth Woodward, Jack Stead, Sylvia Rainford, Edward Redmaine, Joan Petherbridge, Gordon Hayhurst, Marie Swanson, John Lund (Head Teacher), Alan Proctor, Brenda Pye.

Photograph Taken: c1960
Photographer: Unknown
Catalogue Reference: 10RD74A
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Berry Lane Senior School photograph in early 1960's.

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